When Will I See Results

Credit repair is a process. Each communication with the bureau has a 37 – 40 day life cycle. Dispute letters are sent, allow time for mail to be received, and then the bureaus get 30 days to investigate the dispute. Sending a dispute letter does not mean the negative item automatically gets deleted. Patience and persistence are the keys to successful credit repair. That said, many of our clients see results within the first 60 days. Depending on how many, or what kind of negative items that are already on your credit report, it can take up to a year to go through all the attempts at removal.

Step One

You will be required to sign up for your credit reports from all three credit bureaus: Equifax, Transunion, and Experian. Your credit monitoring account will provide you with updated scores and full reports from all three bureaus so we can compare what gets updated from your dispute letters. Our FICO® score provider offers our clients special pricing for only $27.99/mo (regular $34.95). Click this link to see your 3 bureau reports and FICO® scores:  Get my reports now.

Step Two

Second, we provide you with a credit analysis of your credit report, indicating what negative items can be disputed. We then look at the various factors that are pulling your credit score down and provide you with actionable steps you can take to get your score back up.

Step Three

Third, we import all of the negative items into our system and use a special, computer-coded method of disputing called Metro 2. We begin challenging any information not properly coded on the report with the credit bureaus. We send out the first round of letters and wait 37 – 40 days for updates. You can always see where you are at with your credit repair progress using our online portal. You can see what’s in dispute, what’s been updated, what’s been deleted and your score changes along the way. If your negative items aren’t deleted by the third round of letters, we will send furnisher letters, asking for validation. Some types of disputes, student loans, child support, bankruptcy, repossession and foreclosure, take longer because multiple letters need to go out to furnishers and their responses then sent to the bureaus.

Step Four

On the 37 – 40th day we REFRESH your credit reports in your monitoring account. This will give us the updated FICO® scores and we will be able to see any changes from the last report. We notify you about deleted items, and continue to challenge the remaining, improperly coded items. Each attempt takes 37 – 40 days. Successful credit repair requires patience and persistence.

Step Five

During the restoration process you *should* receive mail. Response letters from creditors, updated credit reports from the bureaus. We say *should* because the bureaus have not been sending results packets consistently since covid started. You can log into your private online portal and upload those letters for us to review and use in your next round of dispute letters. Once we get the majority of your negative items deleted, we will help you with some “no-pull” credit sources that will report a credit card and / or installment loan on your report, and boost your score. If all you need is a score boost (no negatives), send us an email through Contact Us and we will send you some links to get a boost.